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Manufactured Housing Institute

Community Connections - Spring 2004 Issue
At Maryville Estates, a 225-unit community in Illinois, the owner will pay $235 per unit to install water submeters and the meter reading technology...

Metering International, Issue 3, 2001

Miltel: Fixed Network a Reality
...While most solutions are based on extending a drive-by solution to operate with a fixed base station, Miltel developed SpeedRead, a system that was designed from day one as an effective fixed network. Yarum Locker, Miltel’s CEO,...


Metering International, Issue 2, 2001

Current Affairs - Miltel AMR products now available in USA
...SpeedRead Technologies, the US distributor of Miltel Communications’ AMR systems, has announced that Miltel has converted its high performance remote meter reading products for use by utilities in the US. Miltel’s AMR systems are...



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