While many focus on conserving natural resources, there are many more who have yet to join the movement to use only the resources they need. In an apartment setting this can often translate to paying for your neighbor’s wasteful practices whether leaving water running or leaving the lights on when not home.

Tenants Rewarded with Lower Bills

With AMR submetering tenants are accurately billed based on actual consumption by each tenant rather than allocating consumption based upon square footage, number of occupants, or other means.

AMR submetering improves conservation by:

  • Rewarding tenants directly responsible for conservation with lower monthly bills.
  • Encouraging wasteful tenants to conserve by presenting them with the full bill for actual usage.

According to an EPA study, daily water consumption in a New York City apartment building without a submetering solution in place ranged from 375 to 425 gallons per apartment per day. However, an apartment building in Washington, DC that did have submetering was found to use from 90 to 160 gallons per apartment per day.

On average, water submetering encourages conservation with 20% to 40% less usage both lowering costs and preserving precious resources.

Property Owners Identify Leaks Early

Dripping faucets, running toilets, and leaky showers all pour money down the drain. An average leaky faucet drips 15 gallons of water each day and a sticky toilet handle will wash 20 gallons a day down the drain.

AMR submetering allows property owners to closely monitor consumption by each rental unit and identify high consumption patterns that may be due to leaks.